Todd Castledine improves to fourth on Lake Wilson BFL Tournament

Todd Castledine improves to fourth on Lake Wilson BFL Tournament

Reehm rises to second & Castledine goes to third at FLW Rayovac Series on Toledo Bend

Reehm rises to second & Castledine goes to third at FLW Rayovac Series on Toledo Bend
Todd Castledine & Kelly Owens take 2nd Place with 22.21lbs

Todd Castledine & Kelly Owens take 2nd Place with 22.21lbs
Bill Wilcox and Gib Coats takes 1st at the 2013 TXTT Championship at Falcon on Tail Slapper as Trailer on vibrating Jig

Bill Wilcox and Gib Coats takes 1st at the 2013 TXTT Championship at Falcon on Tail Slapper as Trailer on vibrating Jig



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Thoughts on “Shop

  1. 4/7/14 – Rich Ritchie – Just wanted to share with you this photo. Since using Kicker Fish baits I have been finishing very well and cashing checks. I caught this fish on a11″ Hightail worm on an extremely tough day of fishing. Thanks Again!

  2. 11/02/13 – just wanted to check in and share this picture of some Reds I caught the other day on the Tail Slapper. I always try to get down to Galveston a couple of times in the Fall for Flounder and Reds. I bought some of the Tail Slappers for the A Rig but I got to thinking these would be awesome in the shallow mud flats I like to fish. I just fished it weightless in a foot of water while sight fishing for them. The Tail Slapper puts out some great vibration and rigged weightless it has some pretty good zig zag to it as well. It’s a great mullet imitation. They ate it up! – Kevin Carter

  3. After seeing the success Bill Wilcox was having on Carolina rigged Bubble Fries this spring on Honey Hole, I ordered some. It was a few months before I got a chance to use them, but the first time I did, I caught a 9 lb. 5 oz. bass.
    Now I have ordered more as well as some of your other products.

  4. 05/20/13 – I tried the Wacky Worms yesterday and they worked so good I ran out already. The impregnated scent is so effective it lasted as long as the worm did. My neighbors asked me to stop fishing them in our cove because water is beginning to take on a garlic odor – Jim Moore, IL

  5. 05/01/13 – One week later and I catch a nice 6lb, 4oz kicker fish on a green pumpkin Hightail Holeshot. Maybe not as big as my son’s from last week, but I caught her on his rod and reel – HAH! – Malcolm Norman

  6. 04/27/13 – I had been catching 1-3 pounders all day and the last cast of the day, my son decides to borrow one of my 6 1/4″ Green Pumpkin Weedless Wacky Worms and hauls in this 7.91lb bass! – Malcolm Norman

  7. Guys, I appreciate the promptness getting my order to me. Haven’t had a chance to use them yet. Looking forward to trying them. Thanks again.

  8. Hey Guys, Thanks for the awesome service. Wasn’t expecting the samples…always nice to be surprised!! Once gain, thank you!!
    Randy Sitz – Frisco, Texas

  9. 10/08/12 – Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your products. Mainly the Kicker Hightail Ribbontail 11″ in Junebug. I have caught countless bass with them. I also love the pricing and quantity of each package. Keep it up guys. I am looking forward to more amazing products. – Sophan Liem

  10. 12/07/12 – I have uses your products for years. My first order was direct from you. I am now tired of all my friends stealing the bait I found because it works. – Richard P. Buegel

  11. 11/16/12 – Just letting you know your baits have been great for me! I have been tearing them up on the 11 inch worm and shad stick. The frogs also have been good. Just thanking you for everything – Ty Caraway

  12. 06/02/12 – Hey guys love ur products. I just have one word for your products – awesome!! The 8″ Hightail Lizard in Watermelon Candy Red and the 11″ Ribbontail worm in the same color, only baits in my bag. I have some pictures of bass I’ve caught using just ur products. Keep up the great work!! – Josh Cadena – Fort Stockton, TX

  13. 05/23/12 – Caught some nice smallmouths with the Hightail Holeshot at Lake Mead. They couldn’t help but hammer it. Those smallies fight harder than the 10lb bass I’ve caught. I think they didn’t want to give that worm up! Thanks again for a great bait – Steve Banks, Venice, CA

  14. 08/01/12 – I wanted to thank you for sending me my much needed pkgs of my green pumpkin Wacky Worms, plus the samples you also included. I really appreciate the customer services! Again – Thanks much! – Kevin Boyd

  15. 8/1/12 – Thanks for the stuff again. Your 11 inch worm got me big bass with a 4 pounder! – Ty Caraway/Jr. Pro Staff

  16. 07/23/12- Since my last email, I won another fishing tournament using the Junebug color Wacky Worm – Kevin Boyd

  17. 5/30/12- 1st place again last night! 3rd place Sunday, 4th place on Sat. Check the weight on the Sat tournament. It’s the exact same as what we had on last Tuesday tournament… what are the odds? The Kicker Fish Wacky worm is on a roll! Check out that Kicker Fish shirt…I have got to get me a couple more they are great out in the heat! – Bobby Behrend

  18. 2/8/12 – I’m sorry to hear for your loss with the fire. Do you have any idea when you will be back up and running? I’m down to 4 worms left with my hightail holeshots and they are a money maker for me on the lakes I fish in tournaments. My number one is the 7″ Watermelon Purple – and the fish literally destroy this when nothing else works! – Russ Edwards

  19. This is hands down my favorite bait. It consistently catches big fish and I have 3 consecutive top 3 finishes using this worm in my local club tourneys. You have a great product! Kevin Boyd

  20. youre baits are like stake and lobster to bass i have some great ideas for new products thanks rj

  21. I recieved my order promptly and was extremely satisfied with every step of my purchase . i was very impressed with quality and feel of the plastics used in there products. happy fishing