Bubble Fry – 4″

Bubble Fry - 4"

It's Back by Demand!! The new Bubble Fry™ by Kicker Fish Bait Co®. brings back a proven bass catching winner and makes it better! 136 Bubble trapping and releasing appendages. Hightail® Patented hole technology that traps air for added lift and action. Both ends identical for more fish per bait. Simply flip it around and use it again.

Baits per pack:

$2.00 — $3.99


Richard Ritchie with a bass caught on a Carolina-Rigged Bubble Fry









Cody Bird Veratile Bubble Fry Soft Bait –11/28/2012 – by Pete Robbins






Greg Christian & Bill Wilcox win the Team Championship on the Bud Light Trail at Ray Roberts on Bubble Fry  with 24.22 lbs








Texas pro Cody Bird will also keep a Carolina rig handy, as he’s fared well over the years in tricking big bass with the slow drag. He’ll use a Kick Fish Bubble Fry, which is made to trap air bubbles and release them in lifelike form.





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